Friday, April 27, 2012

Deep Survival

Another book I am almost finished is called "Deep Survival: Who lives, Who dies and Why" by Laurence Gonzales. This book about people going on an adventure and something traumatic happens that they do not expect. Basically why some people die in these traumatic events and why others survive. Gonzales tells stories of people who remain cool even in the most extreme conditions.

Here is one of those stories.
A couple guys where going on a delivery trip from Maine to Florida on a yacht. The three guys invited  two girls to come along for the trip. Lipoth the captain , Mark Adams and Brad were the three men on the yacht. The two girls that were invited were Kiley and Meg. Kiley before departure had a gut feeling to not go along and Meg was basically the showcase girl with a tan and a bikini.

The yacht sailed off into the ocean while the men were partying. They yacht sailed straight into a hurricane and since the captain and sailor were drinking,no one was taking control of the situation. Kiley came up on deck to see Mark yelling at 30 foot ocean waves , and left Lipoth and Mark to drink down below. Now Kiley and Brad took over operations, they asked Lipoth and Mark to rotate positions so that Kiley and Brad could get some sleep. Kiley woke up to the news that the yacht was sinking. Mark still drunk unzipped the Zodiac(float able rescue boat) and it was tossed into the ocean. Now with the boat sinking, Meg was tossed into the yacht's rigging and was gravely injured. The entire crew jumped from the sinking yacht to the upside down Zodiac. They all tried flipping it over and they could not work together because everyone could not believe the impossible. After several attempts they still could not flip it back over The zodiac did not have any supplies in case of an emergency like this and was fidgeting in the wind. Now the group were being drifted away into the middle of the ocean with the clothes they have on, no food, no water, and no signaling devices. Kiley the entire time trying desperately to fight her emotions in her head, the first step to survival. While the others were going from hysteria to shock.Meg who was thrown into the rigging is gravely injured with no pants,no underwear, and a ripped shirt. As a boat passed, the men and girls cheered wildly, but the boat could not hear nor spot them and kept on sailing by. Kiley knew that at this point, they were on their own with no help at all.

Kiley was accessing her situation, taking responsibility for her own survival. Now Mark thought that Kiley was kicking him, Kiley ducked underwater to see what he was feeling. Kiley seen sharks everywhere under them because of Meg's bleeding and they quickly flipped the zodiac and got in. The sharks nearly flipped the boat when everyone went to one side of the zodiac. While all of this is happening Kiley closed her eyes and tried to seek balance within herself. As they drifted more, Kiley suggested to use seaweed as a blanket to protect their skin from the ocean's wind which was giving them all sores and making them cold. She noticed the life inside the seaweed to, crabs and other sea creatures. Now mark did not want to have seaweed on him becuase it was slimy and later he thought he was their lost life boat and suddenly everyone used their hands to paddle. Meanwhile Brad was screaming at the sky saying , "Fuck you, God. You Fucking Basterd."

All 5 crew members were literally dying out at sea. Kiley knew that Meg was going to die soon. Brad started to come to his senses and try to rise above the rest. 2 days have passed with no food or water. They could all easily die within the the next 24 hours.Brad and Kiley worked together and basically formed a bond in helping each other survive. Now Adams at this point had gone completely crazy and tried tearing off one of Meg's toes because it had a cut on it. Now Lepoth and Adams started to drink seawater which is  a very bad move. Both of them had lost complete control of themselves. Meg, Lepoth and Mark all started to complain and bicker back and forth. Now mark remembers that he purchased Cigarettes from 7/11 before going on the trip and is now looking for them all over the Zodiac. Mark grew more angry and started saying " who took my fucking cigarettes and beer." Lipoth now started to kick Meg even though she was in a very bad state and Lipoth started to unpeal a patch in the boat. Luckily this patch was not a major patch to keep the boat from sinking. Now Mark and Lippoth were completely lost control of everything. They started to have a conversation and began with Lipoth asking Mark if he wanted to smoke. And then Mark replied sure, I got some sandwiches do you want one? Since both of their brains were overloaded with sodium, delusions started to take over his mind. Lipoth was on the yacht , back at the docks. He said too Adams to bring the boat in  and ill unpack the supplies from the car. Two minutes later Lipoth hopped onto the side of the boat and  then said I cant take it anymore im going to go get the car... He now says ill be back in a few minutes and hops into the ocean into the darkness and couple minutes later Kiley and Brad heard screams of lipoth being eaten alive by sharks. Now remained 4 people remained in the boat...meg, kiley, Mark and Brad. Meg was on the verge of death and would die in a matter of hours. Mark started to get on top of Meg and tried to have sex with her. She started to scream and cry and mark said FU a couple times and said im going back to 7/11 to get more cigarettes and mark jumped off the edge and was being eaten alive underneath the zodiac. Meg died about a day later and they stripped her clothes and used them as warmth and threw her body over the edge. And a ship passed by and Brad tried signaling it down and she told him to stop until day 5 a freighter picked them up and saved them.

Pretty long example I must say but it just shows what happens to people when unexpected events occur.
This book has many examples of people surviving and dying and what they must do to keep their composure to stay alive. Hope you have a fun read. I am almost done this book, i have about 60 pages left.

Thanks for reading this.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Generation Kill

My friend recommended this book to me. After reading the first page I could not stop reading it. It is about the Iraq war and a platoon I would say: basically what their mission is exactly. I don't want to give much detail into the story of what it is about. That is if you ever decide to buy/rent it/borrow. There are many times you come across different scenes that are so graphic  that you practically see the image in your head.

One scene that I found very graphic and disturbing and I would like to share to you all:
Alpha company got radioed in that their new mission is to occupy a bridge that leads out Nasiriyah(somewhere in Iraq). They have Humvee s guarding the opposite end of the bridge and men on the ground with M4 carbines. Under their code of War they can shoot a car if it is speeding to them and they do not stop after a couple warning shots fired from a  .50 cal mounted on a Humvee. They are patrolling the bridge when a sedan comes flying around a corner and is speeding their way about 40mph, they shoot a warning shot, the car goes faster, then another. The car speeds up and a marine in the Humvee s lights up the car like its the fourth of July. The marines yell to hold your fire. The car stops and the driver and passenger in shotgun step out and start to run away in fear of getting shot by the Americans. A marine who happens to be a medic called "Doc" looks into the car to see if any others were shot or killed. He looks through the back window and sees a little girl in the back seat looking straight into his eyes. The little girl must have sneaked into her father's car to go along for the ride. Doc opens the door and goes over to pick her up from the seat and as he is doing this he is still looking her in the eyes. He lifts here about half way and her head slips off from her body and he has now dropped to the floor crying. He goes back to his fellow marines and says " I could see her throat through her skull." The marine who shot the car is now in complete shock and just looks blankly at the car without saying a word. Another marine goes over to talk to him and ask him why he shot the car up and his only response was " I was protecting my family(Marines)." After this accident they think of a new way to try and stop cars. Their new way to stop cars was to shoot their under mounted smoke grenades to make the cars stop and turn around.  in one accident a marine shot a smoke grenade and it bounced off the ground and hit an Iraq person in the face. The person was fine,only had a headache and was fed MRE's(ready to eat meals) and some smarties.

This is one of the toughest things I had ever read in my life.I hope this doesn't make you want to read it but, it is filled with racist jokes,comedy and awesomeness.
Hope you enjoyed reading this: )

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee

How I started to play ultimate Frisbee. It started with me and my good friend Dennis finding a bag of toys,bats,baseballs and one Frisbee. We started to play baseball for like 5 minutes and then got bored so we tossed the Frisbee around and then we tried coming up with different throws. Then we went onto a bigger field and wanted to see who could throw the Frisbee as far as they possibly could. I think I won. Then we invited Paul and Fred to come over and play a 2v2 game to see what it would be like to play a game of ultimate Frisbee.

Then that weekend we invited a lot of people and started playing on a field that a school owned,we played there for about two weeks and finally got kicked off. We had amazing catches and some casualties but nothing major. I do remember  falling into a tree that was in the middle of the field but i still managed to catch the Frisbee. 

Basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee.
Good to have at least 4 vs 4. Regulation has 7 vs 7
Kickoff like football.Putting your hand up signalizes that you are ready. Catch it to advance forward before other team runs to you or you can let it drop to the ground. You can kick the Frisbee to stop it on ground from rolling but if you try to catch and it falls the other team has possession.

There are touchdowns marked with cones either side of field [a rectangular field]. To get a touchdown "you" must be pass the cones, in bounds and must catch the Frisbee.

To play: one team gets kickoff and other team gets first pick. 
You pass the Frisbee without making any steps forward or backwards. Passing is the main component of the game. You can pivot pass. If you try to pass to a teammate the other team can jump up to squat it down or catch it.The other team can not push you or tackle you to get you away from Frisbee. If your teammate drops a pass or the Frisbee lands on the ground the other team pickups up were it lands(e.g. out of bounds, drop, block, interception).Only one man can cover the person with the Frisbee and counts to seconds or 10potatoes. For each touchdown equals 1 point, you need 15 points to win. If both teams are tied at 14 you can tell the other team to do either:do or die = first to score wins or preferred win by 2 points.
If you throw it out of bounds its the other teams possession. You can catch it out of bounds and throw it back in if one foot is still in bounds. Everyone is the referee and you all handle disputes.

These are all the rules I play by.If you want the exact rules you can read them here:

Here are some regulation sized Frisbee that are cheap and can be purchased at k-mart, Walmart,target,dicks sporting goods for a pretty cheap price.roughly $10-$15.Look for 175gram Frisbee.

Here are some cool Frisbee s.

I want the to get the last Frisbee so we can play while the sun is going down. I think it is about $20 -$30 but it is definitely worth it.

For different ways to throw it and cool ass trick shots visit Brodie Smith's Ultimate YouTube channel.

and one of his Most viewed Video's.

Thanks for reading and start playing this fun sport while the weather is getting better!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This happens all the time to me whenever I go out to eat.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just admit it already

You have been playing a game like call of duty,battlefield 3, or w/e game you love to play and then there is that moment where you die from the most ridiculous kill you have ever seen. You start screaming how bullshit that was and how impossible it is in real life and all this other bs. Then you send the guy/girl a message saying you are "f*kn hacker get a life" then you the send the person hate messages until you feel like you have won and this can last for awhile(noted mine lasted 45min). Technically you didn't win because he trashed you and all you can do is whine about it. Then he kills you again and this time it seems so ridiculous that you make killing him your main target but, he always manages to kill you right before you get your last bullet in his hit-markered head. The moment of truth has come and you decide what to do. My 3 what to do's are : Send him a friend request because you know that he is just to awesome and would make a great teammate in later games, send him more hate mail, or the final choice is the EPIC RAGE QUIT!<--- This is basically were you have lost all control of your body and you feel like you want to break something but, you don't. The first thing you want to do is smash your ps3, xbox or w/e console you have untils it is  completely destroyed, then you ponder throwing your control at the wall ( my brother punched the wall lol had to be there) or you pull the plug out of the outlet  and charge out of the room like nothing ever happened.

If you have done the last one then you sir have had an EPIC RAGE QUIT moment and you are just lucky that it didn't make it to youtube.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Leave a comment on your epic rage moments and how hilarious it was now that you look back on it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Why do I stay up so late at night?

Some of you may do this and some of you may not. I stay up usually way past my bed time. Not that I have a bedtime. I always wondered why I am still up and just looking blankly at the computer screen. Well the one thing that I guess I love doing is exploring the internet and no not for porn.hahahah. I usually spend like all the time after 1am on youtube just looking for videos that amuse me. Then I see suggested videos on my side bar and click those and see what they have to offer. To be honest, most of the time I am on youtube I will type something in and  see how far it takes me for example, Battlefield 3 montages. Then I scroll down and basically look for the one that interests me the most and I click and watch it. Then with out typing in the search bar, I go on to this person's channel and watch some of their video's. If I start laughing just once then I subscribe them and hope they make more funnier videos. This is basically one huge thing that leads to another to another and basically never stops. I'm never not on youtube. I can't help but say im addicted to youtube. I do have a channel on youtube but, not that many videos. If you would like to see what I got you can look for me under: votez1.

Most of the videos I have are me playing Uncharted 3 and well if you didn't know already I love uncharted 3.I haven't had much time to play because my only excuse is I have been on youtube way to long. If there was a way to check how many hours spent in a week it would probably be around the same time as a full time job.

I have nothing else to say but was wondering why you guys/girls stay up late?

If its a midnight text,surfing the web or you are to bored to fall asleep?

Leave a comment and thanks for reading!:)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love Uncharted 3!

I started playing the uncharted series through the second game. This game had stunning graphics. I play on the gaming system called PlayStation 3. If you also play you can add me. My PlayStation Network ID: votez. Well the reason I love this game so much is because how much work is put into it that makes it stand out from other games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Rainbow Six. The story mode will not let you down I promise, it is always pulling you in and also gives a good amount of difficulty when playing through. They also improved the AI characters to help you out some times. Most of the time you are yelling at them to get out of your way.


The story of this game takes place in places like France ,Syria and the Arabian Desert. Drake and his friends Chloe, Elena and Sully are on a quest to find fabled "Atlantis of the Sands." They place him as a young child about the age of 11 in a museum in his home country. He wanders around in the museum to find a special key and decipher in which the key fits into. Sully at the time is working with a crook named Marlowe. It his mission to retrieve the key back from this child. Nathan Drake is unwilling to give it up and he ends up getting chased on the rooftops and barely escaping the hands of enemies.

He and Sully then travel to Borneo on the search for Sir Francis Drake's courtyard to discover what lies within. They are met with Talbot's men and whole lot of puzzles which are not as easy as they seem. Once they past the the last puzzle they find a room with a clue. Talbot's men light the place on fire and Drake and Sully barely escape.

His enemy Talbot is very annoying and shoots a poisonous dart at Cutter . Cutter is not himself anymore and tries to strangle Drake in the process. It is broken up by Sully and he is back to normal and is watched by all of them. Drake and gang start finding more clues through his journal and are getting one step closer to what they are looking for. Drake needs to get on an enemy plane in to keep his search going. Nate and Chloe drive onto the airport all the way up the wheels of the plane and Nate gets in through the wheel opening. He then catches a ride when hell breaks loose on the plane and Nate is fighting off enemies while in mid-air and barely grabbing onto netted crates. He loses grip and lands on a crate that is plummeting to the earth and at the last second releases its parachute.

Nate is now lost in the desert with no clue on which way is which. He continues going through the desert until he meets up with freedom fighters and fights their way through the enemies to get sully back. They find the huge doors to Atlantis and walk down the steps while statues are moving on either side. Nate then takes a couple gulps of tainted water from a fountain and starts seeing things that are not real. Nate sees Talbot shoot Sully, and watches Sully die in his arms. He jumps down to the platform and fights off enemies that have their heads on fire. He fights through them all the way to the end until he meets up with sully and can not believe that he is alive after witnessing him get shot. Sully explains to Nate that the water has been tainted with what ever is in the water supply. Talbot and Marlowe's plan is retrieve the item causing the water to be tainted and use it to take over the world. Sully and Nate stop Talbot's plans to retrieve it from the bottom of the water pit and this causes
an RPG to miss fire and destroy main frame holding up the entire place. Sully and Drake run through the place as it is crumbling and fighting off enemies as well. Manage to make it to the end. Marlowe gets stuck in quick sand after a brawl and she is left to die. Talbot seeks revenge on Drake. Talbot and Drake have an epic fight scene at the end of the game and Drake manages to kill him with the help of Sully. The game ends with the gang flying off somewhere.


Hopefully this game series will continue and bring more uncharted games too come.
The online in Uncharted 3 is based on Cash and Treasure finding just like an explorer.
Game Modes:They have different game modes like team death match,free for all, plunder in which you take the idol to the other side,three team death match =3 teams of 2players each fight to win,point based games and many more other fun online modes that I haven't not played yet. Then their are co-op games. Co-op arena in which you fight off 10 rounds of enemies and gets harder after every round. Co-op Hunter arena in which you survive rounds but you face other online players.quite harder than normal co op arena. Then their is Co-op adventure which is new to me. You play maps with a story behind it. You and 2 other players fight through courtyards,jungles, and castles to retrieve 2 stone heads. On the way you fight armored characters who only die after you shoot their helmets off. You have chokers who have a distinct sound when they come into play and they can die from being shot at but you can not hit them, they choke you until another online player either shoots them off or kicks them off. Riot Shield guys who are hard to kill and get past, usually grenades is the most lethal weapon to deal with them. Kickback enemies who come into the battle with a special ability. This could be a cluster bomb,infinite ammo.3x grenade, grenade launcher guy. You need a lot of fire power and the help of team mates to take these guys out. If you do kill them they sometimes drop treasures and some valuable treasures. Then there is the armored machine gunner guy who has a light machine gun attached to his armor and I personally think is a lot harder to kill than the kickback enemy. My weapon of choice to kill them is grenades,snipers,revolvers,grenade launchers and RPGs. If you hit them a couple times in the face or while they are down you can deal more damage.

Treasures in Uncharted 3 work like this. In different game modes there are chests randomly placed across the map. At some points during the game, you will see a treasure icon pop up and you run to it too see what it is. These treasures unlock guns,character apparel and even character skins.
The character skins are the hardest to get because you need to get lucky and put a lot of time into co-op adventure to get them.

Cash in Uncharted 3 allows you to buy mods for your gun, this could be  anything from, blind fire accuracy, reload speed,longer clip,max ammo and accuracy and many others. You can also buy taunts which allow you to show it off after you kill somebody. These taunts make me laugh all the time because it looks so damn funny. You can also buy apparel for your custom hero/villain to create your own.

Boosters 1 & 2. These are basically perks(Call of Duty)...they give you an advantage on the playing field. These can cost a lot of cash to get sometimes. Each player has two booster slots,, each with its own unique ability. Each individual booster has 3 stages. With each stages comes a challenge this could range from pistol kills to pulling enemies off ledges. With each stage the booster becomes a lot better and with certain ones allow you to add different stuff.

Your kickback is basically your kill streak(call of duty) but nothing like it. You need to earn medals by getting a lot of kills of picking up medals or sometimes just roaming around the map. or climbing. These medals increase to the amount of your medal kickback. Kickbacks can help make a bad situation a little better. Kickbacks are very helpful and give you an upper hand when used properly. They can give you extra grenade slots, RPG,grenade launcher,sniper or cluster grenade and many more..

In Uncharted 3, there is an option that allows you to record online games (except co-op) and save them for others to see and it also gives you the opportunity to upload them directly to

My most recent video i uploaded is me getting a connect 4 which is (4 kills in a short period).
Here it is if you want to check out the awesomeness