Friday, April 27, 2012

Deep Survival

Another book I am almost finished is called "Deep Survival: Who lives, Who dies and Why" by Laurence Gonzales. This book about people going on an adventure and something traumatic happens that they do not expect. Basically why some people die in these traumatic events and why others survive. Gonzales tells stories of people who remain cool even in the most extreme conditions.

Here is one of those stories.
A couple guys where going on a delivery trip from Maine to Florida on a yacht. The three guys invited  two girls to come along for the trip. Lipoth the captain , Mark Adams and Brad were the three men on the yacht. The two girls that were invited were Kiley and Meg. Kiley before departure had a gut feeling to not go along and Meg was basically the showcase girl with a tan and a bikini.

The yacht sailed off into the ocean while the men were partying. They yacht sailed straight into a hurricane and since the captain and sailor were drinking,no one was taking control of the situation. Kiley came up on deck to see Mark yelling at 30 foot ocean waves , and left Lipoth and Mark to drink down below. Now Kiley and Brad took over operations, they asked Lipoth and Mark to rotate positions so that Kiley and Brad could get some sleep. Kiley woke up to the news that the yacht was sinking. Mark still drunk unzipped the Zodiac(float able rescue boat) and it was tossed into the ocean. Now with the boat sinking, Meg was tossed into the yacht's rigging and was gravely injured. The entire crew jumped from the sinking yacht to the upside down Zodiac. They all tried flipping it over and they could not work together because everyone could not believe the impossible. After several attempts they still could not flip it back over The zodiac did not have any supplies in case of an emergency like this and was fidgeting in the wind. Now the group were being drifted away into the middle of the ocean with the clothes they have on, no food, no water, and no signaling devices. Kiley the entire time trying desperately to fight her emotions in her head, the first step to survival. While the others were going from hysteria to shock.Meg who was thrown into the rigging is gravely injured with no pants,no underwear, and a ripped shirt. As a boat passed, the men and girls cheered wildly, but the boat could not hear nor spot them and kept on sailing by. Kiley knew that at this point, they were on their own with no help at all.

Kiley was accessing her situation, taking responsibility for her own survival. Now Mark thought that Kiley was kicking him, Kiley ducked underwater to see what he was feeling. Kiley seen sharks everywhere under them because of Meg's bleeding and they quickly flipped the zodiac and got in. The sharks nearly flipped the boat when everyone went to one side of the zodiac. While all of this is happening Kiley closed her eyes and tried to seek balance within herself. As they drifted more, Kiley suggested to use seaweed as a blanket to protect their skin from the ocean's wind which was giving them all sores and making them cold. She noticed the life inside the seaweed to, crabs and other sea creatures. Now mark did not want to have seaweed on him becuase it was slimy and later he thought he was their lost life boat and suddenly everyone used their hands to paddle. Meanwhile Brad was screaming at the sky saying , "Fuck you, God. You Fucking Basterd."

All 5 crew members were literally dying out at sea. Kiley knew that Meg was going to die soon. Brad started to come to his senses and try to rise above the rest. 2 days have passed with no food or water. They could all easily die within the the next 24 hours.Brad and Kiley worked together and basically formed a bond in helping each other survive. Now Adams at this point had gone completely crazy and tried tearing off one of Meg's toes because it had a cut on it. Now Lepoth and Adams started to drink seawater which is  a very bad move. Both of them had lost complete control of themselves. Meg, Lepoth and Mark all started to complain and bicker back and forth. Now mark remembers that he purchased Cigarettes from 7/11 before going on the trip and is now looking for them all over the Zodiac. Mark grew more angry and started saying " who took my fucking cigarettes and beer." Lipoth now started to kick Meg even though she was in a very bad state and Lipoth started to unpeal a patch in the boat. Luckily this patch was not a major patch to keep the boat from sinking. Now Mark and Lippoth were completely lost control of everything. They started to have a conversation and began with Lipoth asking Mark if he wanted to smoke. And then Mark replied sure, I got some sandwiches do you want one? Since both of their brains were overloaded with sodium, delusions started to take over his mind. Lipoth was on the yacht , back at the docks. He said too Adams to bring the boat in  and ill unpack the supplies from the car. Two minutes later Lipoth hopped onto the side of the boat and  then said I cant take it anymore im going to go get the car... He now says ill be back in a few minutes and hops into the ocean into the darkness and couple minutes later Kiley and Brad heard screams of lipoth being eaten alive by sharks. Now remained 4 people remained in the boat...meg, kiley, Mark and Brad. Meg was on the verge of death and would die in a matter of hours. Mark started to get on top of Meg and tried to have sex with her. She started to scream and cry and mark said FU a couple times and said im going back to 7/11 to get more cigarettes and mark jumped off the edge and was being eaten alive underneath the zodiac. Meg died about a day later and they stripped her clothes and used them as warmth and threw her body over the edge. And a ship passed by and Brad tried signaling it down and she told him to stop until day 5 a freighter picked them up and saved them.

Pretty long example I must say but it just shows what happens to people when unexpected events occur.
This book has many examples of people surviving and dying and what they must do to keep their composure to stay alive. Hope you have a fun read. I am almost done this book, i have about 60 pages left.

Thanks for reading this.

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