Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gaming at a young age!

Hey all this is my blog,
My gaming years started when I was introduced to the PlayStation 1. I was about 10 years old or so when my brother asked me to play Spyro the Dragon with him. The game was so fun that I asked him very nicely every day if I could play when he was done. He said yes, and this started my revolution in gaming. Then I asked for the PlayStation 2 for Christmas when it was released, my parents couldn't afford it so I waited patiently for it. I finally got it 2 years later. My first game I played on it was Tony Hawk. I played my PS2 for like 8 hours non-stop that day collecting all the items for new characters and doing all sorts of tricks. It was an amazing experience to own my very first gaming console. Unluckily I was made to share it with my younger brother which wasn't so bad because I always would let him play when I knew I played for too long. The next games that I played not only blew my mind because of the amazing graphics but because of how well the stories were written.

I was introduced to the game freedom fighters from my older brother's friend whom at the time were not very close friends as they are now. He told me that I would fall in love with this game after the very first mission. I went home and played the first mission on normal difficulty and beat it with ease.Note this was the very first shooter game I ever played. I started to play on the story mode and couldn't move my eyes away from my TV. On school days, I ran into my house turned on my PS2 and played until dinner then after dinner I would go outside and play with my friends. I would brag about the game to them and try to convince them to buy it as well so we could talk about the story and how awesome it is. It took me about a week to beat the story mode on normal. Then I challenged myself to my first hard story mode and beat that in about 2 weeks or so of off and on gaming. I then kept re-playing the story mode until I memorized every damn scene and map. At one point, I could remember exactly how many troops would re-spawn in one mission. Then after that i was introduced to a game called Metal Gear Solid.

In MGS, you play as soldier who is equipped with high-tech gear and gadgets to defend himself and kill the enemies while on his mission. I started the series at MGS3 Snake Eater,at first I hesitated to play such a game and  I thought that I would dislike it a lot. I set it aside in my room for about a couple weeks and played other fun games during that time. Until one day I was bored out of my mind and all my friends were busy, I inserted the disc and at the main menu you would think [x] on PS2 would be the action button but it turned out to be [o] thinking [x] is the action button it kept bringing me out of the menu and back to the main screen. I returned the game to my brother saying that your game is broken. He told me;" I had the same problem but figured it out after a good 10 minutes of reading the game manual which looked like a mini-book." So I used his advice about using [o] in the menu as my action button and finally got through the first stage. Then my life turned upside down at the beginning scene of the game. I already had shivers as he was flying through the air and landing into the jungle. I kept playing and figured out most of the controls by practice and using the manual. My only trouble was how to shoot your weapon in MGS3. It was at the time the most difficult thing I have ever seen. You had to hold like 3 buttons at the same time to aim up ,look through sites and eventually fire. All of this took weeks of practice. The story of the game was so intriguing that I could not stop playing it. I wanted to know what would happened next after each save of the game. This game is my now my favorite game of all time and I use quotes and phrases from this game all of the time. The story mode was awesome!!! If you haven't played it yet you should definitely play it now!


  1. Same here, I started gaming at a quite young age to, but even younger than you I believe. First gaming memory was when I was around 5 playing duck hunt on my dads NES.

  2. that is awesome, never had gaming consoles but always played my friends when I could. I do remember playing a lot of n64 which I personally think was the greatest system because if it broke you just had to blow on it.