Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Generation Kill

My friend recommended this book to me. After reading the first page I could not stop reading it. It is about the Iraq war and a platoon I would say: basically what their mission is exactly. I don't want to give much detail into the story of what it is about. That is if you ever decide to buy/rent it/borrow. There are many times you come across different scenes that are so graphic  that you practically see the image in your head.

One scene that I found very graphic and disturbing and I would like to share to you all:
Alpha company got radioed in that their new mission is to occupy a bridge that leads out Nasiriyah(somewhere in Iraq). They have Humvee s guarding the opposite end of the bridge and men on the ground with M4 carbines. Under their code of War they can shoot a car if it is speeding to them and they do not stop after a couple warning shots fired from a  .50 cal mounted on a Humvee. They are patrolling the bridge when a sedan comes flying around a corner and is speeding their way about 40mph, they shoot a warning shot, the car goes faster, then another. The car speeds up and a marine in the Humvee s lights up the car like its the fourth of July. The marines yell to hold your fire. The car stops and the driver and passenger in shotgun step out and start to run away in fear of getting shot by the Americans. A marine who happens to be a medic called "Doc" looks into the car to see if any others were shot or killed. He looks through the back window and sees a little girl in the back seat looking straight into his eyes. The little girl must have sneaked into her father's car to go along for the ride. Doc opens the door and goes over to pick her up from the seat and as he is doing this he is still looking her in the eyes. He lifts here about half way and her head slips off from her body and he has now dropped to the floor crying. He goes back to his fellow marines and says " I could see her throat through her skull." The marine who shot the car is now in complete shock and just looks blankly at the car without saying a word. Another marine goes over to talk to him and ask him why he shot the car up and his only response was " I was protecting my family(Marines)." After this accident they think of a new way to try and stop cars. Their new way to stop cars was to shoot their under mounted smoke grenades to make the cars stop and turn around.  in one accident a marine shot a smoke grenade and it bounced off the ground and hit an Iraq person in the face. The person was fine,only had a headache and was fed MRE's(ready to eat meals) and some smarties.

This is one of the toughest things I had ever read in my life.I hope this doesn't make you want to read it but, it is filled with racist jokes,comedy and awesomeness.
Hope you enjoyed reading this: )


  1. Sounds pretty brutal but worth checking out. Might give this a read if I can find some time. Cool blog, going to follow.

  2. Thanks man, If you are interested in stories coming from Iraq then you will love this. I'm reading another book about why some people survive and why others die(called: Deep Survival) and ill post a blog about that when I'm done it.

  3. This looks like a fun read for my spare time. I'm down for some funny crude jokes!

  4. i cant wait to tell you guys/girls about my other book im reading

  5. Def want to read this book sounds amazing!