Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love Uncharted 3!

I started playing the uncharted series through the second game. This game had stunning graphics. I play on the gaming system called PlayStation 3. If you also play you can add me. My PlayStation Network ID: votez. Well the reason I love this game so much is because how much work is put into it that makes it stand out from other games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Rainbow Six. The story mode will not let you down I promise, it is always pulling you in and also gives a good amount of difficulty when playing through. They also improved the AI characters to help you out some times. Most of the time you are yelling at them to get out of your way.


The story of this game takes place in places like France ,Syria and the Arabian Desert. Drake and his friends Chloe, Elena and Sully are on a quest to find fabled "Atlantis of the Sands." They place him as a young child about the age of 11 in a museum in his home country. He wanders around in the museum to find a special key and decipher in which the key fits into. Sully at the time is working with a crook named Marlowe. It his mission to retrieve the key back from this child. Nathan Drake is unwilling to give it up and he ends up getting chased on the rooftops and barely escaping the hands of enemies.

He and Sully then travel to Borneo on the search for Sir Francis Drake's courtyard to discover what lies within. They are met with Talbot's men and whole lot of puzzles which are not as easy as they seem. Once they past the the last puzzle they find a room with a clue. Talbot's men light the place on fire and Drake and Sully barely escape.

His enemy Talbot is very annoying and shoots a poisonous dart at Cutter . Cutter is not himself anymore and tries to strangle Drake in the process. It is broken up by Sully and he is back to normal and is watched by all of them. Drake and gang start finding more clues through his journal and are getting one step closer to what they are looking for. Drake needs to get on an enemy plane in to keep his search going. Nate and Chloe drive onto the airport all the way up the wheels of the plane and Nate gets in through the wheel opening. He then catches a ride when hell breaks loose on the plane and Nate is fighting off enemies while in mid-air and barely grabbing onto netted crates. He loses grip and lands on a crate that is plummeting to the earth and at the last second releases its parachute.

Nate is now lost in the desert with no clue on which way is which. He continues going through the desert until he meets up with freedom fighters and fights their way through the enemies to get sully back. They find the huge doors to Atlantis and walk down the steps while statues are moving on either side. Nate then takes a couple gulps of tainted water from a fountain and starts seeing things that are not real. Nate sees Talbot shoot Sully, and watches Sully die in his arms. He jumps down to the platform and fights off enemies that have their heads on fire. He fights through them all the way to the end until he meets up with sully and can not believe that he is alive after witnessing him get shot. Sully explains to Nate that the water has been tainted with what ever is in the water supply. Talbot and Marlowe's plan is retrieve the item causing the water to be tainted and use it to take over the world. Sully and Nate stop Talbot's plans to retrieve it from the bottom of the water pit and this causes
an RPG to miss fire and destroy main frame holding up the entire place. Sully and Drake run through the place as it is crumbling and fighting off enemies as well. Manage to make it to the end. Marlowe gets stuck in quick sand after a brawl and she is left to die. Talbot seeks revenge on Drake. Talbot and Drake have an epic fight scene at the end of the game and Drake manages to kill him with the help of Sully. The game ends with the gang flying off somewhere.


Hopefully this game series will continue and bring more uncharted games too come.
The online in Uncharted 3 is based on Cash and Treasure finding just like an explorer.
Game Modes:They have different game modes like team death match,free for all, plunder in which you take the idol to the other side,three team death match =3 teams of 2players each fight to win,point based games and many more other fun online modes that I haven't not played yet. Then their are co-op games. Co-op arena in which you fight off 10 rounds of enemies and gets harder after every round. Co-op Hunter arena in which you survive rounds but you face other online players.quite harder than normal co op arena. Then their is Co-op adventure which is new to me. You play maps with a story behind it. You and 2 other players fight through courtyards,jungles, and castles to retrieve 2 stone heads. On the way you fight armored characters who only die after you shoot their helmets off. You have chokers who have a distinct sound when they come into play and they can die from being shot at but you can not hit them, they choke you until another online player either shoots them off or kicks them off. Riot Shield guys who are hard to kill and get past, usually grenades is the most lethal weapon to deal with them. Kickback enemies who come into the battle with a special ability. This could be a cluster bomb,infinite ammo.3x grenade, grenade launcher guy. You need a lot of fire power and the help of team mates to take these guys out. If you do kill them they sometimes drop treasures and some valuable treasures. Then there is the armored machine gunner guy who has a light machine gun attached to his armor and I personally think is a lot harder to kill than the kickback enemy. My weapon of choice to kill them is grenades,snipers,revolvers,grenade launchers and RPGs. If you hit them a couple times in the face or while they are down you can deal more damage.

Treasures in Uncharted 3 work like this. In different game modes there are chests randomly placed across the map. At some points during the game, you will see a treasure icon pop up and you run to it too see what it is. These treasures unlock guns,character apparel and even character skins.
The character skins are the hardest to get because you need to get lucky and put a lot of time into co-op adventure to get them.

Cash in Uncharted 3 allows you to buy mods for your gun, this could be  anything from, blind fire accuracy, reload speed,longer clip,max ammo and accuracy and many others. You can also buy taunts which allow you to show it off after you kill somebody. These taunts make me laugh all the time because it looks so damn funny. You can also buy apparel for your custom hero/villain to create your own.

Boosters 1 & 2. These are basically perks(Call of Duty)...they give you an advantage on the playing field. These can cost a lot of cash to get sometimes. Each player has two booster slots,, each with its own unique ability. Each individual booster has 3 stages. With each stages comes a challenge this could range from pistol kills to pulling enemies off ledges. With each stage the booster becomes a lot better and with certain ones allow you to add different stuff.

Your kickback is basically your kill streak(call of duty) but nothing like it. You need to earn medals by getting a lot of kills of picking up medals or sometimes just roaming around the map. or climbing. These medals increase to the amount of your medal kickback. Kickbacks can help make a bad situation a little better. Kickbacks are very helpful and give you an upper hand when used properly. They can give you extra grenade slots, RPG,grenade launcher,sniper or cluster grenade and many more..

In Uncharted 3, there is an option that allows you to record online games (except co-op) and save them for others to see and it also gives you the opportunity to upload them directly to www.youtube.com

My most recent video i uploaded is me getting a connect 4 which is (4 kills in a short period).
Here it is if you want to check out the awesomenesshttp://youtu.be/R6dWBq6uzoU


  1. Same I started to play uncharted at the second game. It totally does stand out from the other games, and the story mode and multiplayer are kick ass!