Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just admit it already

You have been playing a game like call of duty,battlefield 3, or w/e game you love to play and then there is that moment where you die from the most ridiculous kill you have ever seen. You start screaming how bullshit that was and how impossible it is in real life and all this other bs. Then you send the guy/girl a message saying you are "f*kn hacker get a life" then you the send the person hate messages until you feel like you have won and this can last for awhile(noted mine lasted 45min). Technically you didn't win because he trashed you and all you can do is whine about it. Then he kills you again and this time it seems so ridiculous that you make killing him your main target but, he always manages to kill you right before you get your last bullet in his hit-markered head. The moment of truth has come and you decide what to do. My 3 what to do's are : Send him a friend request because you know that he is just to awesome and would make a great teammate in later games, send him more hate mail, or the final choice is the EPIC RAGE QUIT!<--- This is basically were you have lost all control of your body and you feel like you want to break something but, you don't. The first thing you want to do is smash your ps3, xbox or w/e console you have untils it is  completely destroyed, then you ponder throwing your control at the wall ( my brother punched the wall lol had to be there) or you pull the plug out of the outlet  and charge out of the room like nothing ever happened.

If you have done the last one then you sir have had an EPIC RAGE QUIT moment and you are just lucky that it didn't make it to youtube.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Leave a comment on your epic rage moments and how hilarious it was now that you look back on it.

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