Monday, April 16, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee

How I started to play ultimate Frisbee. It started with me and my good friend Dennis finding a bag of toys,bats,baseballs and one Frisbee. We started to play baseball for like 5 minutes and then got bored so we tossed the Frisbee around and then we tried coming up with different throws. Then we went onto a bigger field and wanted to see who could throw the Frisbee as far as they possibly could. I think I won. Then we invited Paul and Fred to come over and play a 2v2 game to see what it would be like to play a game of ultimate Frisbee.

Then that weekend we invited a lot of people and started playing on a field that a school owned,we played there for about two weeks and finally got kicked off. We had amazing catches and some casualties but nothing major. I do remember  falling into a tree that was in the middle of the field but i still managed to catch the Frisbee. 

Basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee.
Good to have at least 4 vs 4. Regulation has 7 vs 7
Kickoff like football.Putting your hand up signalizes that you are ready. Catch it to advance forward before other team runs to you or you can let it drop to the ground. You can kick the Frisbee to stop it on ground from rolling but if you try to catch and it falls the other team has possession.

There are touchdowns marked with cones either side of field [a rectangular field]. To get a touchdown "you" must be pass the cones, in bounds and must catch the Frisbee.

To play: one team gets kickoff and other team gets first pick. 
You pass the Frisbee without making any steps forward or backwards. Passing is the main component of the game. You can pivot pass. If you try to pass to a teammate the other team can jump up to squat it down or catch it.The other team can not push you or tackle you to get you away from Frisbee. If your teammate drops a pass or the Frisbee lands on the ground the other team pickups up were it lands(e.g. out of bounds, drop, block, interception).Only one man can cover the person with the Frisbee and counts to seconds or 10potatoes. For each touchdown equals 1 point, you need 15 points to win. If both teams are tied at 14 you can tell the other team to do either:do or die = first to score wins or preferred win by 2 points.
If you throw it out of bounds its the other teams possession. You can catch it out of bounds and throw it back in if one foot is still in bounds. Everyone is the referee and you all handle disputes.

These are all the rules I play by.If you want the exact rules you can read them here:

Here are some regulation sized Frisbee that are cheap and can be purchased at k-mart, Walmart,target,dicks sporting goods for a pretty cheap price.roughly $10-$15.Look for 175gram Frisbee.

Here are some cool Frisbee s.

I want the to get the last Frisbee so we can play while the sun is going down. I think it is about $20 -$30 but it is definitely worth it.

For different ways to throw it and cool ass trick shots visit Brodie Smith's Ultimate YouTube channel.

and one of his Most viewed Video's.

Thanks for reading and start playing this fun sport while the weather is getting better!

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