Monday, April 9, 2012

Why do I stay up so late at night?

Some of you may do this and some of you may not. I stay up usually way past my bed time. Not that I have a bedtime. I always wondered why I am still up and just looking blankly at the computer screen. Well the one thing that I guess I love doing is exploring the internet and no not for porn.hahahah. I usually spend like all the time after 1am on youtube just looking for videos that amuse me. Then I see suggested videos on my side bar and click those and see what they have to offer. To be honest, most of the time I am on youtube I will type something in and  see how far it takes me for example, Battlefield 3 montages. Then I scroll down and basically look for the one that interests me the most and I click and watch it. Then with out typing in the search bar, I go on to this person's channel and watch some of their video's. If I start laughing just once then I subscribe them and hope they make more funnier videos. This is basically one huge thing that leads to another to another and basically never stops. I'm never not on youtube. I can't help but say im addicted to youtube. I do have a channel on youtube but, not that many videos. If you would like to see what I got you can look for me under: votez1.

Most of the videos I have are me playing Uncharted 3 and well if you didn't know already I love uncharted 3.I haven't had much time to play because my only excuse is I have been on youtube way to long. If there was a way to check how many hours spent in a week it would probably be around the same time as a full time job.

I have nothing else to say but was wondering why you guys/girls stay up late?

If its a midnight text,surfing the web or you are to bored to fall asleep?

Leave a comment and thanks for reading!:)

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